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2021 - 2022

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MAMS CheckList for NWEAs

Proctor/Student Expectations

It is expected that prior to the week of testing, you will have:

  • Had students use the NWEA Secure Browser App on their Chromebooks to view sample test items and utilize the tools they will all have access to.

  • Possibly have students explore the MAP Growth 2+: Student Resources page so they are familiar with how the tests will work.

  • Downloaded and reviewed the Proctor Quick Start PDF so that you will know what to do before, during, and after testing.

  • Downloaded and reviewed the Proctor Testing Tips document that includes the Student Directions and Script.

  • Taken part in NWEA proctor training. (Scheduled for October 8th, 2021 Professional Development Day for Core Teachers and Special Education staff. Paraprofessionals proctor training will be Wednesday, October 6, 2021 during late arrival)

  • Download and read the "Maine Educational Assessments Security Handbook." Then download, print, and sign the "2021-2022 MEA Assessment Security and Data Privacy Agreement" and turn it into an administrator prior to your first testing day.

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Important Details Regarding NWEAs at MAMS

*If all of the students in your testing session have finished the test prior to the end of the testing session, they are to remain quiet and in your room until the time the session ends has come so as not to disturb those students who are finishing their testing.

*Any technical difficulties, call Bethany (ex. 1227) and she will contact support for you.

*If the exam freezes on a student laptop, the proctor should suspend the test from their device, then have the student shut down their device, restart it, and then go through the process of entering the test again.

*Students should be given pencils and scrap paper for use during the test. Pencils can be obtained from the main office.

*Any requests for students to be opted out of the test should be referred to Megan.

*MOTOR BREAK and IN-SCHOOL BEHAVIORS - Please be mindful of the fact that other grades may be testing while your students have a motor or mask break. Motor breaks should be moved to the front of the building rather than the back. Additionally, please remember that there will be students testing throughout the day, throughout different parts of the building so we are asking that everyone instruct students to act accordingly - act as if there is testing occurring in all rooms throughout the entire day.

All Teachers

Limit network use during team time while other grades are testing in order to prevent overload of the network.

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NWEA Fall, 2021 Testing Schedules

Winter 2022 Testing Schedule

Math will happen in class on Tuesday, January 18th and Wednesday January 19th.

ELA will happen in class on Monday January 24th and Tuesday January 25th.

MAMS Fall 2021 NWEA Testing Schedule.pdf