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2021 - 2022

9th, 10th, & 11th Grade Math, Reading , & Language Usage : October 13, 2021

Important NWEA Links & School Testing Information

You may need to replace your NWEA Secure Testing Browser. To do so...

Click the link below to download the .dmg file.

NWEA Secure Testing Browser.

While it is downloading, find and trash the old version you may have by...

Open a Finder window and open the Applications folder.

Find the old NWEA Testing Browser.

Do a two-finger click on it and select Move to Trash from the menu that appears. Or you can click and drag it to your trash bin on your Dock.


Once the .dmg file is downloaded, open it.

Drag the NWEA Secure Testing Browser icon to the Applications folder icon.

Use Spotlight to search for, or Launchpad to find, and start the Secure Testing Browser.

A window will appear. Click the button to go to System Preferences.

Click the lock and enter in your password for the laptop.

Check of NWEA Secure Testing Browser.

Click the lock again to lock it.

Quit out of all applications.

Find and open NWEA Secure Testing Browser again and it should open fine.

MTA Checklist for in-person NWEA Testing

Download your own copy HERE.

MTA CheckList for NWEAs

Important Details Regarding NWEAs at MTA

  • If all of the students in your testing session have finished the test prior to the end of the testing session, they are to remain quiet and in your room until the time the session ends has come so as not to disturb those students who are finishing their testing.

  • Any technical difficulties, call the learning commons and they will contact support for you.

  • If the exam freezes on a student laptop, the proctor should suspend the test from their device, then have the student shut down their device, restart it, and then go through the process of entering the test again.

  • Students should be given scrap paper for use during the test.

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