Professional Certificate Holders

Professional Certificate Holders Renewal Process

Professional Certificate: “Professional certificate” means the five-year certificate by the Department issued to teachers, educational specialists, and administrators.

Renewing your certificate can be done in a variety of ways. One is to take courses and the other is to create a portfolio. Or it could be a combination of both. However you choose to proceed, there are a couple of things that are the same:

1. You must develop a Professional Renewal Plan, which describes the activities you will carry out to acquire the equivalent of six credits of approved study. Your Professional Renewal Plan may include six credits (90 hours) of academic study in the area of your endorsement or other activities designed to improve performance in that field.

2. Submit this plan to the Certification Council for prior approval of any courses or portfolio work you plan to use for recertification. This plan is due the following January of your new cycle. See your building representative if you need any assistance in completing this plan.

Writing Goals: You need at least two goals per five year cycle that will earn you 6 credits (90 hours). Each goal can earn up to 3 credits (45 hours) of professional development. We suggest having more than two goals giving you more options along your pathway of professional learning. All goals need to be tied to the Marzano Framework. It's recommended that most goals relate to your professional growth plan. You can find the elements by clicking here and then searching for the word, "map" in the resource library.

Download Professional Renewal Plan.

Click on the image below to view a sample plan.

Sample of Professional Renewal Plan

Course Work

Course work means more than just graduate level courses. If you take an adult education course, related to your profession, that may be used. Also, workshops where contact hours or CEU's are given are considered "coursework. " Any professional learning which includes a signed certificate with documentation of hours can be submitted as coursework.

Official transcripts of course(s) must be sent to the Certification Council once you complete your course work. All transcripts should be submitted to the Certification Council by December, which is six months prior to your expiration date so as not to hold up the processing of your certification renewal. The certification chair can not approve your renewal application until all documentation is submitted.

Professional Renewal Portfolio

A portfolio is an organized means of recording continual professional growth. All documents secured in the portfolio should provide evidence that professional growth has occurred.

A maximum of 45 hours (3 credits) is recognized in any one area of concentration other than coursework. 90 hours (6 credits) is required for certification renewal. You may use a portfolio for part or all of the 90 hours.

For all work other than courses, a log sheet per goal must be submitted showing dates, time spent, description of the activity. This log sheet must be signed by you and a committee chairperson, department head or principal.

Portfolio documentation must include the following:

  • Cover Letter: State the purpose of the portfolio as it relates to professional growth goals
  • Approved Plan: Include the goals and strategies used for professional growth (Up to 45 hours per goal is accepted.)
  • Documentation of Hours: Include a log sheet for each goal signed and dated by supervisor. Conference or workshop certificates signed and dated by organization/presenter can be included in the portfolio as well.
  • Artifacts: Provide evidence of completion of each goal. Artifacts could include any of the following that apply: student work, sample lessons/units, educational certificates, committee work, educational affiliations, special projects, publications, honors/awards.
  • Reflection: Include a summary of how the artifacts/learning have impacted your professional growth.