Certification Information

The purpose of the MSAD 75 Certification Council is to support professional staff through the process of re-certification. Working in tandem with our new PEPG plan, we hope to improve the quality of support for both new and experienced educators across the district. Each school has at least one representative who is available to meet with you and answer your questions. The certification council has meetings scheduled throughout the year to review professional renewal plans and other certification needs as they arise. If you can not find what you need on this site, please contact your building representative.

Maine Educator Information System

Certification Council Members

Kate Greeley- Certification Chair and BCS Building Rep.

Carmen Palmer- Certification Co-Chair and MTA Building Rep.

Elinor Goodwin-Certification Recording Secretary and WES Building Rep.

Sandy Michaud-WES Building Rep.

Emily Marsters-WCS Building Rep.

Beth Pomerleau-HCS Building Rep.

Jessica Fournier-BHM Building Rep.

Nicole Karod- MAMS Building Rep.

Meg Marks-MAMS Building Rep.

Beth Ann Nickerson-MTA Building Rep.

TBD-MTA Building Rep.

Amanda Hersey- Assistant Superintendent of Schools

Rick Dedek- Building Administrator

Jessica Factor- Human Resource Director