First Philosophy

FIRST PHILOSOPHY is the study of being-qua-being for the love of wisdom.

In effect, it is the theory that what is is and what is not is not (taken as a statement of fact, not as a definition with placeholders or formula with variables).

The INSTITUTE OF FIRST PHILOSOPHY is an initiative of LINEA RECTA LIMITED, lead by Ruud Schuurman, to develop FIRST PHILOSOPHY, that is, to give a thorough, rational account of being-qua-being for the love of wisdom.

Beside the Main Project, there are several Spin-off projects and Supporting Projects.

Spin-off projects apply the principles of FIRST PHILOSOPHY to other fields, e.g., to the philosophy of consciousness, the philosophy of religion, and metaphilosophy. The resulting theories (e.g., Consciousnism, the proof and account of God as supernatural, philosophy as loving wisdom) can then be seen as different theories in each of those fields, but of course they are ultimately only different expressions of one and the same theory. In this manner, FIRST PHILOSOPHY can shine a light on the problems in the respective fields, and the discussion within the respective fields can shine a light on FIRST PHILOSOPHY, resulting in a cross-fertilization, so to speak.

Supporting projects consist of studies into concepts, principles, skills, methods, techniques, and so on, that may be helpful in developing FIRST PHILOSOPHY. Being a small, private, non-profit initiative, we appreciate all the help we can get (e.g., your feedback, comments, suggestions, objections, tips, collaboration). We are ready to help anyone who is interested in FIRST PHILOSOPHY or any aspect thereof.

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