April 15, 2018-

Washoe County District 5 Commissioner

Speaks Against Equal Pay for Women

From: Pat Lynch, Phone/Text: 775 219 0014, Email: pat@women-corp.com

Date: 4/15/18


Washoe County District 5 Commissioner

Speaks Against Equal Pay for Women.

In response to Washoe County Chairperson Kitty Jung’s recognition of Equal Pay Day last Tuesday, April 10th, and her call for Washoe County to participate in a statewide survey about pay disparity and gender, County Commissioner Jeanne Herman commented that, “I know women want to be equal and they, you know, I think, we ask a lot sometimes.”

In response to Ms. Herman’s remark, Democratic, District 5 Commissioner Candidate said: “Jeanne Herman has reflected an absence of understanding of what is happening in her District, in her County, in her State and across the U.S. It’s unfortunate, that she has not bothered to become informed on one of the most important economic issues in our State and in our Country. According to research reported by the American Association of University Women, The Equal Pay Act of 1963 has improved the lives of all of Nevadans because Nevada women have grown their dollar share of income earning from .54 cents to .81 cents for every dollar earned by their male counterparts. That means that women were able to grow not only their families economy, but also the economy and well-being for the entire state.”

“The citizens in District 5 and throughout the County, deserve to be represented by someone better informed, someone who uses well researched information to make qualified decisions that serve the best interest of all the citizens in the District. Her lack of good judgment over the past several years is primarily the reason I felt urged to run,” Ms. Judd commented.

Lindsy Judd is a farmer, teacher, millennial wife and mother of two. Ms. Judd is running for Washoe County Commissioner in District 5, which serves a large geographic area in northern Washoe County, where the average salary gap between men and women is $14,000. For additional information on Equal Pay and other issues affecting Washoe County District 5, see Datausa.io or contact Ms. Judd directly at hi@lindsyjudd.com.