Infrastructure first

Our infrastructure ranges from the highways and schools we are outgrowing to the educated workforce like teachers and carpenters who are leaving the area for bigger paychecks. Our community needs to find ways to pay for these basic needs. We have tapped out our bonds. As we move away from casino tax revenue, our county requires creative ways to pay for it.


Every neighborhood struggles with water; flooding in the winter and drought in the summer. We need better stormwater infrastructure, water supply and sewer service, especially as we grow. Humidity is also causing our snowpacks to melt earlier we need ways to store water longer.

Affordable housing

With new jobs coming into the area, that our workforce is not trained for, we are seeing growth to fill these jobs. Members of our community need housing that fits their budget. Our youth and underemployed need training to fill these new high paying positions. Tenants need more protections and landlords must be held accountable for slum conditions. We can accomplish these goals without compromising our long term satisfaction.

Public Lands

Washoe County is known for its outdoor beauty. Urban sprawl is finding its way into our rural areas and is looking for ways to invade our public lands. The beautiful landscape, clean air and water we enjoy should be here for our generations that follow.