History in Brief

Lindsy Judd is a mom of two with her Bachelors in Economics. She started working with at risk kids in 2000. After graduating high school, she gave back by becoming a school board member. In the education system, Lindsy has been an administrator, teacher and tutor. Lindsy also worked on a family farm where she advocated for food security and the slow food movement. Her passion for economic justice leads her to join with local groups to fight hunger and end homelessness. As an active member of our community, Lindsy understands the difficulties Washoe families face.

Infrastructure first

Our community is growing and feels pressure to develop rural areas. We can follow the guidelines set out by the masterplan without compromising. We can have better schools, more RTC routes, and modern water systems.

The 2017 fire season was the worst we've seen in the last 15 years. Let's ensure that our communities are getting the support they need to fight fires.

Cultural Identity

Our community has a unique rural identity that should be protected and maintained. Our ranchers, farmers, and indigenous peoples deserve respect for the heritage they keep alive.

I've been on the radio a few times. Here are some news articles.

I was recently in Glamour Magazine. Read the article here.

My column posted in RGJ here.

I also have a blog you can check out here.

Here are a few photos from around town.

At a Protect Public Lands discussion with neighbors from district 5.

We celebrate Earth day at Idlewild.

LTE in RGJ about Housing First

Volunteering with the Washoe Democratic Party

Rally for Climate Change with Moms Clean Air Force and Organize For Action (OFA)

At Sen. Heller's office with Moms Clean Air Force.

Headshot from VoteRunLead's Run As You Are conference. Thanks to MXK8 Designs

Another shot from Run As You Are; I'm asking a question about rural voters.

My husband, son and myself with Moms Clean Air Force for a meeting at Sen. Heller's office.

At The Charlottesville vigil the community came together.

Vote Lindsy Judd for Washoe County Commissioner District 5