Lindsy Judd

Data Analyst

Santa Clara, CA

Data Analyst with skills in Inferential and Descriptive statistics. Data storytelling since Windows 98, when I created my first slide presentation on Greek Mythology. Since then I've grown my toolbox with Python, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, Excel, Tableau, Pandas, HTML, C++, SAP, GIS software, and more. I'm an active communicator who enjoys learning new things. My work experiences focus on uplifting individuals, groups, and communities though data.

Understanding Spotify Song Popularity


Understanding song popularity on Spotify through descriptive and inferential statistics, pinpointing opportunities to increase sales using structure foundations: HDEIP, SMART, MECE. I created a slide presentation utilizing Python, Power BI, and Excel to analyze and visualize the data. I identified statistically significant patterns, correlations, and compiled questions raised by analysis.

Toy Model Sales: Opportunities to Increase Sales


Getting a better understanding of customers and products through descriptive and inferential statistics, pinpointing opportunities to increase sales using structure foundations: HDEIP, SMART, MECE. I created a Power Point Presentation utilizing Power BI and Excel to analyze and visualize the data. This project was to develop and maintain standardized, dashboards, metrics, KPIs and reports using sales trends, marketing, accounting and customer usage data.


MICROSOFT OFFICE SUITE: Excel, Power Point Presentation, Power BI, Word

ECONOMICS: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Cost Curves, Futures

DATA STORYTELLING: Structured foundations, HDEIP Framework, SMART principle, MECE issue trees


DATA ANALYSIS: Inferential Statistics, Descriptive Statistics

BUSINESS STRATEGY: Business Insights, Problem Solving, Prioritizing Workstreams, SAP, Tableau

Apple Inc. contracted by Rose International

Data Analyst - June 2021 to current

Monitor asset compliance, perform data analytics, present findings, and make recommendations to other business teams. Advise and take appropriate corrective actions, including information requests, audits, and assessments. Maintain and clean datasets. Participate in discussions on Sales Program development, perform asset compliance checks requested by partners and Geo Admin. Daily use of Tableau, Keynote, Wrike, Trello, Slack, familiar with IS&T, Python, SQL. Develop additional policies and processes as appropriate, including training materials.

Infosys contracted by TAC (2019), Aerotek (2020), FTE (2020)

Data Processor

Used in-house data management software data collection/ data validation, expert in SAP software, Sox compliance, SLA deadlines. Collaborated on team reports regarding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across all Lines of Business (LOB). Processed projects with over 10 million in revenue every day, business to business (B2B) customer support for compliance. Focused and productive with changing priorities and ambiguity. Used Microsoft Office daily. Skills used: optimization, statistics, quantitative analysis, relational databases, research, time series analysis.

Friends of Lindsy Judd - June 2017 to Sept 2020

Political Candidate

Data wrangled large voter files to create reports with visuals for voter forecasting, financial management, donor retention. Communicated insights to key stakeholders for business strategy. Insights gleaned from county voter csvs and (Google, Facebook, Twitter) web analytics to create successful marketing campaign. Collected, monitored and cleaned data for high levels of data quality, accuracy and process consistency.

Bloomfield Farms - June 2011 to Oct 2012

Program Manager

Business strategy, identified pain points and areas of opportunity via analytics to generate solutions and actionable recommendations for GTM success. Increased sales by 65% through crop optimization (Cost Curve Analysis) and new revenue streams; identified pain points that lead to 35% reduction in costs (Inferential, Descriptive Statistics). Tools used QuickBooks, GIS software, AgSquared, custom CRM and Microsoft Office. Marketing with Wordpress

Zenith English School -Oct 2012 to 2016

ESL Teacher

Defined key metrics for student records, used Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for student progress and retention. Developed deep understanding of Sales Operations to mentor teammates and collaborate with leadership on new projects. Tools used Microsoft Office, inhouse CRM.