Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital

Lindsay Wildlife Experience Volunteer Opportunities


Wildlife Rehabilitation General Volunteer Description 

Advanced, professional, or acedemically-oriented opportunities:


To express interest in, or request information regarding, any of the positions described below, please fill out this form:

Wildlife Rehabilitation Interest Form

Or contact us at: hospitalrecruiting@lindsaywildlife.org

Recruiting Cycles

Spring: During our main new-volunteer recruitment in the spring we are looking to fill positions in most hospital shifts, homecare teams, and internships.

Fall: During our fall/September recruitment we are looking to fill gaps in current hospital shifts. This fall, our main need is for the following shifts:


Wildlife Rehabilitation General Volunteer Description

Primary wildlife rehabilitation volunteer responsibilities center on the care and rehabilitation of the wildlife hospital’s patients.

Wildlife Rehabilitation at Lindsay

 First, we would like to briefly discuss some points regarding wildlife rehabilitation at Lindsay:

***For questions regarding the above points, or about anything in the orientation process, please reach out to the Wildlife Rahabilitation Hospital Volunteer Manager, Chris Beard, through: hospitalrecruiting@lindsaywildlife.org***


Basic Duties

Volunteer Commitment

We ask our volunteers to commit at least one year of service to Lindsay Wildlife Experience's wildlife rehabilitation hospital. This ensures that our shifts and homecare teams are adequately staffed so the patients get the best of care. This also lets new volunteers experience wildlife rehabilitation year-round...the patient types, procedures, and patient care are very different in fall/winter vs. Peak Season.

We ask for a commitment in one or more of these areas:

Daily Shift Time Slots:

Seasonal Evening/Baby Bird Shifts (only actve during the baby bird Peak Season, April 1 – September 15):

Training and Continuing Education


Wildlife Rehabilitation Hospital Volunteer Opportunities

Hospital: Clinic-Wide

Shift Volunteer

Daily Shift Time Slots:

Hospital: Support (Seasonal)

There are some "part-time" volunteer positions on-site that support the clinic-wide activities. These positons are seasonal, usually only needed during the Peak Season (April 1 - September 15). However, depending on staffing there may be need during the fall/winter season also.



Short-Term Projects (occassionally available for short-term commitment such as community service or high school project)

Off-Site Opportunities


Other off-site opportunities:


Homecare/Satellite Care and Species Teams

Species Teams provide species-specific specialty care in the wildlife rehabilitation hospital and off-site in homecare/satellite sites.

Homecare/Satellite Care

Homecare for various species (baby and adult: mammals, birds, reptiles & amphibians), as long as you have a suitable space and pass evaluation and training by a Species Team. There is training available for all teams, and some teams have additional requirements (such as rabies pre-exposure vaccination for some of the mammal teams). Some of the teams are mainly seasonal, being most active during the Peak Season (April 1 - September 15), others function year-round. There are two general categories of homecare sites:

We have homecare teams to care for many of our rehabilitation patient species.

For additional information regarding homecare, please click the link below:

Other Specialty/Species Team Opportunities


Veterinary/Technician Externships and Research Collaborations/Internships

Externships are available for veterinary professional students, including both veterinary doctor and veterinary technician students currently pursuing degrees. For all other students interested in gaining experience in the field, we recommend considering our internship and volunteer programs. Current program descriptions are available at the links below:

The program descriptions include application instructions. If you are interested in an externship position, please refer to the "vet/tech externships" calendar below and propose an available (not "busy") timeframe in your application. Questions regarding the programs can be directed to: students@lindsaywildlife.org.

Research collaborations/internships may be available if you have a project proposal that aligns with our wildlife rehabilitation efforts. For further information please contact our Lead Wildlife Veterinarian, Dr. Krystal Woo, at kwoo@lindsaywildlife.org.


Further Information

To express interest in, or request information regarding, any of the positions described above, please fill out this form:

Wildlife Rehabilitation Interest Form

Or contact us at: hospitalrecruiting@lindsaywildlife.org

We are now orienting and training new volunteers and interns.