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Top Volunteer Opportunities on Sign Up Genius This Week:

**Every Friday **

Middle School Lunchtime helpers

** Every Friday**

Elementary Lunch Helpers

Would you like to give an assistant or teacher a break from lunch duty on Fridays?

** AR project in the library

Dismissal Help during K-5 Club Time on Fridays!

On Friday during club time (2:00-2:45) we don't have anyone to help with early dismissals in getting students to and from the office because every adult is doing a club. If you would like to help us during that time,

Please sign up here!

End of the Day Library Helpers

Library Helper M-F End of the Day to help shelve books, straighten tables/chairs, check book order on shelves, etc.

Please sign up here!

Art Class Helpers-no art experience needed!

Kindergarten art is very hands on and Mrs. Swengros could use your help from 12:20-1:05 on Tues, Thurs, or Friday in order to help these students get the most out of the time in her art classroom.

Please sign up here!

Jump Rope for Heart Prize giveaway helpers

On Feb 22 and March 1, we will be giving out prizes to students for Jump Rope for Heart donations. We would love to have a couple volunteers to help out as it can be very busy from 8-9:30 in the elementary gym.

Sign up here!

Library Buddy for 2nd grade on Friday's

4th/5th Grade Building Recess

    • Afternoons- Come early for the car rider line and help with recess from 1:30-2:30, any day.
    • Contact and tell me when you will come in!

Consider this:

Stop into the Front Office at 2:00 & see what you can help with at the end of the day. Both Mrs. Coffey & the HS would welcome you!

      • Potential tasks at end of the day: changing the message on the outdoor street sign, straightening up the workroom, mail delivery to the other building, or even making copies.

Lobby Guard

Thank you to our families and local business members. The LCS School Board has voted to use the Eagles’ Nest fund to purchase Lobby Guard for all LCS lobby entrances. This increased security feature will require all guest and visitors to scan their state issued ID each time entering a building. Please be sure to bring your ID every time!

30 Hour Challenge

Volunteer hours are beginning to add up. There are 9 families that have reached and exceeded their goal of volunteering 30 hours for the school year!

Congratulations to the following families: Doster 262 hours, Morel 62.75 hours, Powell 62 hours, Jefferies 52.5 hours, Greene 43.75 hours, Livengood 39.5 hours, Floyd 38.5 hours, Haney 34.5 hours and Drusin 31.5 hours.

Thank you for the support and dedication that you kindly shared with the Lincoln Charter families!

Don't forget to log your Lincoln Charter School hours!

If you have signed up to volunteer using the Sign Up Genius, your hours are automatically recorded, and there is nothing else for you to do.

If you are volunteering at school without using the Sign Up Genius, you can log your time through this link on the Sign Up Genius.

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April Volunteer Opportunities

April - Spring Book Fair 8th-12th

April 4th- The Elementary Art Show

April 9-10- 7th Grade Camp Weaver Trip link

April 26th- Spring Festival & HS Band Concert/ HS Art Show on Lincolnton's Campus

May Volunteer Opportunities

May 13th -20th 8am, EOG testing, please commit to one test!

May 8th & 9th Senior Gowns Steamed

May 11th- Senior Picture Day 8-11am

May 21st- Kg - 5 Field Day 8am – 3pm

May 22nd- Kindergarten Promotion 9am * Set up the day before

May 22nd- Elementary Promotion 12pm

May 22nd- MS Promotion 7pm

May 23- GRADs Lincolnton 6:30pm – 8:30pm * Set up in the morning

May 25th- Class of 2019 Commencement *Set up the day before