Mrs. Alisha Powell

TAFT 7-12

Algebra 1

All about me:

  • I moved from my hometown of Paradise, Ca where I lived for 36 years.
  • I am married and have 3 children.
  • I have taught for 14 years.
  • I love math and love helping kids .
  • When I'm not teaching I love hanging out with my family and doing DIY projects around the house!

Algebra 1

Mrs. Powell

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

This year we will spend a lot of time working with groups and partners. In the real world the ability to work with others is valued and I think it’s valuable too. The process and thinking behind our math assignments is equally important as the answer. How and why are words that you’ll hear me ask daily. You may need to be reminded that perseverance is key. Assignments given will focus on reviewing PRIOR information as well as previewing what’s to come. Mastery takes time, effort, and support.

I want my kids to learn that math is just part of life….not a specific subject or class!!! Everything we do each day will help us reach this goal.

Mrs. Powell

*If you are able to, our class would love additional supplies such as glue sticks, colored post-it’s, highlighters, tissues, clorox wipes, pencils, colored pens etc to use throughout the school year. You can receive extra credit*


1. Be on Time: this means in your seats when the clock ‘ticks’ the beginning of class. A referral will be written every time after a student reaches their 3rd unexcused tardy.

2. Be prepared: sharpened pencils, pens, assignment, math binder/composition book, calculator, etc.

3. Be productive and persevere: follow directions, use class time wisely, keep going when things get tough (and they will) AND ask for help when you need it.

4. Respect the rights and property of others, fellow students, teachers, group supplies, desks, student's’ property. Please, no gum, soda, coffee or food in my classroom.......WATER ONLY!

5. Cell phone use: cell phones are not allowed to be used in class. If you are on your phone for any reason I will take it and you can get it back at the end of the day. If it continues to happen, parents/guardians will have to pick it up after talking with me. Cell phones cannot be used as a calculator. After notes and assignments are given students may listen to music quietly with headphones IF given permission AND all assignment are complete AND behavior has been appropriate all period.


If you make an effort and produce something every day you will be given a minimum of 50%!!! SO NEVER STOP TRYING!!! Your overall grade will be largely based on your knowledge of the material showing up on tests.

60% - Tests, Quizzes and Large Projects

20% - Assignments, Classwork, Notes and Small Projects

20% - Final

100% total

A 90% or greater, B 80% or greater, C 70% or greater, F/I less than 70%

Math Notes & Daily Assignments:

MATH REVIEW is another part of math notes. Math Review will be done with examples of math problems to reinforce prior knowledge. Notes will be done daily so you know how to do new concepts. After, students will be given time to work on the assignment IN CLASS. I will make every attempt to give students time in class to do assignments and ask questions. If time is used efficiently then more gets done in class and less at home! Assignments are not random they are given to help you grasp concepts and ideas that you will be quizzed on weekly and tested on at the end of each major concept. Students are responsible for completing work LEGIBLY and have it ready at the beginning of the period the day after it is assigned unless otherwise told.

LATE ASSIGNMENTS/ABSENT WORK: Any assignment not ready the day it is due it is considered LATE and will get partial credit. Stay on top of assignments. When a student is absent, they have 2 days for each day absent to get the notes that were missed and show me the completed assignment for FULL CREDIT. It is the STUDENTS’ responsibility to get the assignment NOT mine! I do not offer extra credit! If you find yourself in need of “extra credit” please get extra HELP and retake tests!

Tests and Quizzes:

Tests will be given at the end of each major concept. This will tell me if you understand the concept we learned thus far. YOU MAY RETAKE TESTS! In order to do this you need to have all assignments complete AND do test corrections for the concept we learned. Quizzes are given every Friday. If you do your assignments the quizzes will feel very familiar and you will be successful!


The semester final is worth 20% of your grade. It will show me what you have learned throughout the 1st semster/ whole year. Our assignments will spiral, meaning old concepts will constantly be reinforced. If you are doing the assignments the FINAL should not be something to be afraid of.

If a student needs extra help it is their responsibility to get the help. I am available outside of class if an appointment is made with me ahead of time.

I STRONGLY encourage parents/guardians to check assignments daily. Students may finish the majority of an assignment in class but parents/guardians should look at it at home and have a conversation about it. I do not collect work, it MUST stay in their spiral notebook. Parents are strongly encouraged to log into Pinnacle online gradebook to see if assignments are being completed. If you don’t have a Pinnacle log-in please contact the office ASAP. Assignments, quizzes and tests are updated regularly.

You do not have to love math to be successful in my class; you do need to have a good attitude and made effort!!!