Summer Band Survival

Here is what you need to survive early week:

    • Appropriate Clothing
        • Shorts, Tee Shirt, Tennis Shoes, cap
        • Get over being bashful – long pants and heavy clothing are not what you want for early week.
    • Water jug
        • Very clearly defined on the video, but not a bottle of water or insulated water bottle or mug.
        • You will fill this with ice and water everyday, and it will be with you at all rehearsals and performances until I say otherwise
        • There are many of these in the band room and you are welcome to use them, but if you are a new member, you should probably go buy one.
    • Sunscreen
    • Food
        • Bring your lunch
        • Students who drive may leave campus during lunch breaks, provided they return on time.
        • Remember, EAT BREAKFAST!
    • Attitude
        • The one I trained you to have!
    • Communicate
        • If you are going to be late, I need to know!
        • If you are going to be absent, I need to know!

Please take a look at this video of some ways to cope with the heat during early week band rehearsals. Safety in the heat is a major health issue, and it is possible for anyone to succumb to heat related illnesses, sometimes with very little warning. TMB students are not allowed to participated in hot weather rehearsals without the required gear. Watch the video. I clearly define what is required and expected.

For more information on heat safety, check out the Kendrick Fincher Hydration Foundation website.