Ernestown Secondary SChool

Welcome to Ernestown Secondary School where we provide a tremendous learning environment for our students at our campus located in Odessa, ON. We are a comprehensive high school that provides our students with an excellent bridge between high school and university, college and the workplace.

We offer many unique programs including Co-Operative Education, Dual Credits, Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Programs and Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM).

Ernestown currently offers 4 SHSMs:

  • Arts and Culture

  • Construction

  • Information and Communication Technology

  • Transportation

our TeaM

Shannon Tyner

Erin Stinson
Head of Student Services

Mike Zanibbi
Lead COOP Teacher

SHSM Programs Offered

Sara Cond Flower, Tim Stiff, Jenn Ellis
Art Teacher, Music Teacher, Drama Teacher

Arts and culture

Our Arts & Culture SHSM has a high graduation success rate. We offer multiple opportunities for Arts courses in Drama, Visual Art, Photography, Music, and Technology based courses. We offer various coop opportunities through in class and community involvement. Some examples are painting murals on doors in the school, painting sets for plays, peer tutoring an arts class, peer tutoring a music class, performing in community theatre, working in the band for show, working with school to community students, being a stage manager, organizing and/or performing in school assemblies, participating summer camps for the arts or taking school pictures for the school yearbook,

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Dan Fisher
Construction Technology Teacher


The Building Construction Internship Program (BCIP) is one of the original focus programs that have brought Limestone’s learning opportunities recognition across the province. Our current students are proudly constructing the 100th student built home of this storied program. The project-based learning of BCIP is the inspiration for the many SHSM programs available in Ontario secondary schools. We take our Construction SHSM students out of the classroom, offering the authentic experience of constructing a home at an actual worksite. BCIP students gain the in-demand skills and industry recognized certifications that employers value when hiring and offering apprenticeships. BCIP has name recognition with Kingston area construction contractors, who know that our Construction SHSM students are ready for success in the industry.

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Tom Pinkerton

Computer Technology Teacher

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The ICT SHSM provides students in grades 11 and 12 with learning opportunities related to the information technology economic sector. In addition to standard courses, ICT SHSM students are funded to pursue certificate courses (eg. in-person health and safety training, short on-line technology courses), experiential learning activities (ex. technology-related workshops/tutorials), reach ahead experiences (eg. post-secondary institution visits), and technology sector experiences (eg. Technology company visits).

The ICT SHSM program at Ernestown emphasizes the creative use of computers through the study of a wide variety of topics including: web application development, 3D modelling, 3D printing, electronics, robotics, and video game/virtual reality experience creation! Each student in this program has access to a unique and expanding technology lab that currently houses 25 dual monitor gaming desktop computers, 10 Oculus VR Headsets, a 3D printer and a wide array of electronics/robotics (eg. micro:bits, cyberbots, Arduino and VEX Robotics).

NOTE: Students entering grades 11, 12 or 12+ from ANY LDSB secondary school can apply for a spot in the “Independent Computer (Semester 1)” option of the ICT SHSM. Applications for admission in the fall of 2022 must be submitted using the short online form found here ( and should be completed by late March 2022. Applicants should expect to hear whether they have been offered a spot during the spring of 2022. Students admitted to this option will spend the fall semester (Sept-Jan) at ESS in an advanced computer lab.

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Andrew Papanicolaou

Automotive Technology Teacher


The Transportation SHSM at Ernestown can deliver all facets of the transportation technology curriculum. We can access cross curricular skills development including electronics and coding courses. Students will be presented with every opportunity to experience and apply their skills in the community with placements and community projects/partnerships available for them. Partners and suppliers are willing to come and give seminars to the students to help prepare them for the work force and give them helpful career advice.

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  • Email Andrew Papanicolaou ( for more details!