Student Success @ LCVI

Our goals for working with and serving the students at LCVI are to:

  • Address the social, emotional and academic needs of students from all backgrounds and pathways
  • Provide a safe and inviting space where students can access information, resources, and supports
  • Uphold our school mission of fostering grit, growth, and gratitude

What Does the Success Team Do?

Our number one priority is to provide support for students as they work to obtain their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. We do this by:

  • Providing students with individualized support
  • Offering more options for learning (e.g., Dual Credit, SWAC, Co-op, SHSM, etc.)
  • Offering students help in solving problems they previously may have faced alone
  • Referring students and their families to the appropriate agencies to ensure access to resources they need

Who is the Success Team?

LC's Student Success Team includes the Lead Success Teacher (LST), guidance counsellors, Learning Program Support (LPS) Teacher, Adolescent Care Worker (ACW), both Vice Principals, and other identified personnel.