promoting independence, communication and quality of life through technology

The Lifehouse Technology Center offers customized technology and ongoing tech support for people with developmental disabilities. We strive to provide technology solutions for the people we support that will best promote their independence and communication. In a person centered thinking approach, we focus on each individuals needs and desires and we will stay on task until we have a setup that is actually working for the person.

At the Lifehouse Technology Center we make mainstream, everyday technology accessible and functional for people with developmental disabilities. We understand that we provide two equally important aspects of technology access: First, the individual needs to have access to the technology (iPad, smartphone, notebook). We help with that in either helping to find affordable sources or providing the device. This includes any customization that might be needed for a specific individual. Second, and maybe even more important, we provide the ongoing support to ensure the technology is functional and the individual is comfortable using it on an ongoing basis.

So where do I find the Lifehouse Tech Center?

We are in the cloud, out and about, and at the Lifehouse HQ. Our understanding of useful technology wants the people and the technology out in the community, in their homes, and in their lives. So there is not that much to see at our Lifehouse HQ. You mostly find us out in the community, working directly with the individuals to make sure we are making a difference in the people's quality of live.

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If you are interested in our services, please fill out this form, or give us a call at 415.526.5312.

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