Pathblazer is a math and reading intervention program for Grades K–6. The program’s key components include being able to:

  • Pinpoint Gaps
  • Personalize Instruction and
  • Monitor Progress.

Pathblazer immediately identifies where students are struggling and provides the targeted instruction they need to close learning gaps. The engaging instruction in math and reading helps educators hold students’ attention, and accelerate them to grade level. Students begin with an adaptive screener to determine functional level, and then take a diagnostic pretest at that level to pinpoint skill gaps. The results of these assessments are then used to create prescriptive learning paths with no additional testing. Each student is provided with an individualized learning path (ILP) designed to fill gaps and accelerate them to on-level mastery. All lessons are built around a gradual-release instructional model of explicit instruction, supported practice, independent practice, and assessment.

NYCDOE Pathblazer implementation is a 5-year pilot (2016-2021) involving 60 elementary schools who received 3-tier program of professional development to support teachers throughout the first year of implementation and a strategic multi-year rollout to the entire faculty. The tiers included:

  • FastStart – designed to get teachers up and running with uploaded classes and started with their students.
  • Essentials I – advanced session to work with teachers on more sophisticated use of program exhausting its many possibilities for data use and reporting
  • Essentials II – Final PD session that builds upon the promising practices of the pilot classroom teachers and prepares teachers for end of year reporting