iLearnNYC Admin Console

Helpful Tips and Tricks

1. You must be on a PC running Internet Explorer v8, Firefox, or CHROME.

2. You must be on an Administrative- or CENTRAL-LAN connected computer.

3. You must be logged in under your own DOE username.

4. If the Computer asks for a username and password, you should include prefix CENTRAL\ as in “CENTRAL\myusername” (use your own Outlook username) then enter your OUTLOOK password.

5. You should use the Admin Console link below the green SIGN IN button at

6. If you still cannot log on, try the following:

A. Close all programs and browsers, and logout completely from the computer.

B. Log back in

C. Restart the Admin Console from the link on website.

7. You can also try these same steps on a different ADMIN computer.

8. Important: Load one and ONLY one master course in every course shell. If you're building a full-year Algebra course, do NOT load in semester 1 and semester 2 master courses into the same shell. Separate them out into two separate courses on iLearn. Loading in more than one master course into the same course shell has caused grave errors for schools.

9. Be sure to enroll yourself into the course if you want access to it in the D2L learning environment.