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Tardiness reduces instructional time and disrupts class routine. Classes begin each morning at 8:30am. Students must be present and in class when the bell rings. If a student arrives after the 8:30 bell, they are tardy and must sign in at the Attendance window to obtain a pass to class. Any student arriving more than 15 minutes late to any class will be marked absent for that period.

Tardies can lead to detention and also affect student exemptions.


All absence notes must be turned in to the Attendance Office upon arrival or return to school. It is the student's responsibility to follow up and make sure that attendance has been coded properly.

We do not take parent phone calls to excuse an absence.

Parent note should include the following information:

  • Full legal name of student
  • Student's ID number
  • Date(s) of absence(s)
  • Reason for absence
  • Parent signature and phone number - A note signed by the student, even with parent's permission, will not be accepted.

Doctor note should include the following information:

  • Full legal name of student
  • Student's ID number

*College visits: Each junior and senior may receive two (2) college visits per year without penalty regarding absences from LHHS. College visits must be approved PRIOR to attending. To obtain approval, complete the College Visit Request Form and have all of your teachers complete their section. Turn in to your counselor for approval AT LEAST ONE DAY prior to your scheduled college visit. ​​ To receive an excused absence for a college day, students must bring back an official letter from the college registrar's office stating the date and purpose of their visit.


  • Parent/Guardian please send email to hstransportationchanges@libertyhill.txed.net - before 1:00pm day of student leaving. EMAILS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER 1:00PM. Please include:
    • Full legal name of student
    • Student ID #
    • Reason for leaving
    • Time leaving class (please do not put "after xx period")
  • After 1:00pm you will need to come in to the school, bring your ID, and check your student out in person.
  • We cannot accept phone calls for student release. We cannot have your student waiting for you without written consent. We strongly encourage you to adopt the first option, as it is the most efficient method to have your student released from school.
  • Parent checkout does not take the place of parent note. A parent note or proper documentation is still required when checking out a student and signing out through the front office. Please see Attendance Policies located in the Student/Parent handbook.


If a student has been incorrectly marked absent in a class, it is the student's responsibility to reach out to their teacher to make the correction. Once the attendance office has received notification by the teacher via email that the student was present, the correction can be made. Please note, corrections can only be made for the current grading period.