October 8th- 12th

Important Upcoming Dates

October 8- *NEW* PTO Membership contest deadline

October 8-Student Holiday/ No School /Parent Conferences Day

October 9- Student Holiday/ No School

October 10th- November 9th- UIL Practices

Click HERE to see the Practice days and times

October 12- BBE PTO Family Movie Night

October 17th- Moving with Moms 1:45-2:30 p.m.

October 18th- Field Trip to the Bob Bullock Museum

What Are We Learning?



We will complete our unit on Decimals and take our unit test.

Students will be asked to:

  • Represent decimals using base ten blocks and money
  • Represent the value of a decimal using expanded notation and numerals
  • Compare decimals using the greater than less than symbols
  • Order decimals from least to greatest and greatest to least
  • Add & subtract whole numbers and decimals
  • Represent decimals on a number line

*Please make sure your child is practicing their basic multiplication facts and fact fluency each night for 15 minutes. This is a major skill that 4th graders are expected to have mastered by the end of the year.

Social Studies & Science


In social studies, we will complete our unit on the study of economic, social, and political systems of Early Native Americans in Texas and take our unit test.


In science, classes will differentiate between conductors and insulators of thermal and electrical energy.

Reading & Writing


"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go!"

-Dr. Seuss

We will discuss the author's purpose for nonfiction text. Also, how do we find out what unknown words mean? We use context clues! We will learn how looking for synonyms (words that mean the same) and antonyms (words that mean the opposite) can help us figure out the meaning of unknown words. Using prefixes and suffixes, and photographs/pictures can give us "context clues" as well!

*There is so much to learn - you can support your child by reading with them 30 minutes every night!


"The first reader of any text should be the writer."

- The Writing Thief

We are continuously improving our paragraphs about our favorites. Ask your child what they are writing about in class and what their supporting details are.