October 1-5

Important Upcoming Dates

October 1-5 UIL Tryouts Begin

October 8- *NEW* PTO Membership contest deadline

October 8-Student Holiday/ No School /Parent Conferences Day

October 9- Student Holiday/ No School

October 12- BBE PTO Family Movie Night

What Are We Learning?



We will continue our decimals unit. We will add and subtract decimals. We have a hands on, real- life activity for our students to practice adding and subtracting decimals. We will also locate a given decimal point on the number line.

Students will be asked to

  • Represent decimals using base ten blocks and money
  • Represent the value of a decimal using expanded notation and numerals
  • Compare decimals using the greater than less than symbols
  • Order decimals from least to greatest and greatest to least

Some questions you can ask your child to support their thinking:

  • What is the relationship between a decimal and a whole number?
  • How can you represent a decimal in a variety of ways?
  • Explain the relationship between the tenths and hundredths place.

*Please make sure your child is practicing their basic multiplication facts and fact fluency each night for 15 minutes. This is a major skill that 4th graders are expected to have mastered by the end of the year.

Social Studies & Science


In social studies, students will learn about the first people in Texas, including where they came from, when they arrived, and the names of the main tribes of Texas. Students will continue to explore the political, social, and economic structures of each tribe.


We will begin our forms of energy unit! We will learn about mechanical, electrical, light, sound, and thermal energy. We will also discuss real life examples of each. Support your child at home by identifying real life examples around you!

Reading & Writing


"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go!"

-Dr. Seuss

Students will continue to read nonfiction text to determine author's purpose, text structure, and practice their context clues.

*There is so much to learn - you can support your child by reading with them 30 minutes every night!


"The first reader of any text should be the writer."

- The Writing Thief

Writing: We are continuing to explore paragraph writing in order to work up to a full essay. Students will explore how to brainstorm and make a first draft for a given topic. They will learn what a good paragraph includes as well as main idea and topic sentences help us to keep our writing focused. Students will also learn how detail in our writing produces a clear picture in the audience's mind.