December 17-20

Important Upcoming Dates

November 12 - January 18: UIL Team Practices- Click HERE to see the practice days and times

December 19: Poetry Cafe (9:45-10:30 & 1:15-2:00)

December 20: Christmas Party & Holiday Extravaganza (see times below) & Spirit Stick Sales

December 21 - January 7: Holiday break

What Are We Learning?


“Mathematics is the queen of the science” – Carl Friedrich Gauss

Familiarity and proficiency with the basic times tables are an essential building block in math. It opens the door to multi-digit multiplication and demystifies processes like long division and simplifying fractions. It also lays the foundation for algebra.

Students will finish up our unit on multi-step problems involving all operations, strip diagrams, and equations. After the break we will be starting fractions!

*Please make sure your child is practicing their basic multiplication facts and fact fluency each night for 15 minutes. This is a major skill that 4th graders are expected to have mastered by the end of the year.


“If you don't know your history, you don't know what you are talking about!” - Barbara Ann Mojica

In Social Studies we are finishing up our unit on the empresario system and colonization. When we return from the Christmas holidays, we will begin the Texas Revolution!


"Science must begin with myths, and with the criticism of myths." - Karl Popper

We are finishing up our unit on slow changes to the Earth including weathering, erosion, and deposition- "Break it, Take it, Make it!". After the break we will begin our unit on properties of soil!


“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” – Margaret Fuller

This week in reading we are finishing up our poetry unit. Students will get to apply what we learned about the different literary devices poets use and will be writing their own poem.

Students will have the option to write a haiku, color poem, cinquain, or opposite poem. Then, on Wednesday, December 19th, students students will be presenting their poem at our poetry cafe.

*There is so much to learn - you can support your child by reading with them 30 minutes every night!


“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.” - Anton Chekhov

We will finish writing our poems for our poetry cafe event on Wednesday, December 19th. We hope you can make it!