5th grade music

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Welcome to 5th grade music!

We will be singing, dancing, playing and listening!

August 21-25--

Getting to Know You, Experiencing Beat and Rhythm,

Listening to John Williams music

Please bring a single subject spiral notebook and a pencil to keep in music.

August 28-September 1

Quarter Notes, Eighth Notes, Quarter Rests:

in rhythmic patterns through body percussion, movement and composing

Experiencing John Williams music Learning play party games

September 5-8

Quarter Notes, Eighth Notes, Quarter Rests:

Nursery Rhyme rhythms

John Phillip Sousa Marches The Sousaphone Let's add some instruments!

Music Center Fun Fridays Begins!

September 11-15

Open House on Monday--Come see the music room! Nursery Rhyme Madness/Composing Our Own

Nursery Rhyme Performance with Instruments John Philip Sousa and Stars and Stripes Forever


September 18-22

Whole notes, half notes, quarter notes and eighths!

Orchestrating, Drumming, Xylophones, Temple Blocks

Play Parties

Aaron Copland and Fanfare for the Common Man

September 25-29

We will be studying the Star Spangled Banner this week!

October 2-6

Depth exploration of Star Spangled Banner Camille Saint Saens and Danse Macabre

Families of the Orchestra Eras of Music

October 9-13

No school Monday and Tuesday! :)

Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Modern eras of Music Danse Macabre by Camille St. Saens

Review of Musical Vocabulary Did you know there is music in BASEBALL?

October 16-20

Follow the Drinking Gourd

Stella Ella Olla Pata Pata Ram Sam Sam Funga Alafia Catalina Hagalina Alabama Gal

Edvard Grieg--Peer Gynt

October 23-27

Theory--Lines and Spaces of the Treble Clef Staff Catalina Hagalina

16th notes Edvard Grieg--In the Hall of the Mountain King Dynamics and Tempos


October 30-November 3

It's Recorder Season in Music!!!!! But Old Roger might make an appearance on the 31st!!!

November 6-8

Recorders will end on Wednesday. Everyone is playing so good!

November 9, 10 and 13-17

Rodgers and Hammerstein's Sound of Music

We will watch, sing along with, and analyze the musical!

November 20-24

Happy Thanksgiving!!

November 27-December 1

Tchaikovsky KidStix (Instruments) Christmas Song Centers

December 4-8

Chimes and Bells 12 Days of Christmas The Nutcracker

Hanukkah Kwanzaa Los Posades

December 11-15


Glockenspiels and Xylophones

Christmas Carols

Congratulations to our GOLDEN RECORDER Students:

Cooper Wagner, Ezra Fillmore, Preslee Sims, Karson Bye, Cadence Colicher, Emma Borden, Ash Harris, Corben Haley

for Exceptional and Outstanding Recorder Playing!

January 3-5 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 2018!!!

Welcome to Music for the Spring Semester!

We will be getting to know each other this week through songs, rhythms, and movement!

January 8-12

What fun we are having in music!

This week we practice beats and rhythms with instruments and study John Williams!

Important Announcement!

5th graders have the chance to sing God Bless America at an Austin Spurs Game on Thursday, February 1st at 7:30 (meet time is 6:30 at the front of the HEB Center in Cedar Park)

Tickets may be bought online through a link on our homepage:

(This is totally voluntary! Hope to see you there!)

January 16-20

3 part Rapping with Instruments John Phillip Sousa Star Spangled Banner

Music Centers

January 22-26

Star Spangled Banner Week John Phillip Sousa Music Centers

January 29-February 2

Patriotic Songs Rhythm Instruments Drumming Beethoven Fun

February 5-9

Beethoven Xylophones Nursery Rhymes Instruments

February 12-16

A continuation of last week's musical marvels!

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

February 19-23

No School Monday! :)

This week we will be writing our own nursery rhymes plus enjoying the music of Scott Joplin!

February 26-March 2

Nursery Rhymes Scott Joplin Follow the Drinking Gourd Alabama Gal

Hello March!!!

March 5-9

Spirituals Scat Singing Jazz Duke Ellington

Spring Break!!!

March 12-16

Mark your calendars for Tuesday March 27th from 6-7:30.


Come and Go

March 19-23


March 26-30

Creating Scat Poetry, Performing Jazz Creations, Joplin, Ellington and Armstrong.......JAZZ!

April 2-6

BASEBALL in Music!!!!

Mozart too!

April 9-13

Mozart Creating Theory Dancing

April 16-20


April 23-27


Make sure you bring yours to music everyday.

Everyone needs a recorder!

April 30-May 4--


May 7-11

The Hills Are Alive..........

........With the Sound of Music

May 14-18 The Sound of Music Concludes!

May 21-25, May 29-30

Sound of Music Assessment and Sing a Long

Singing American Songs

Review of Music Year

Keep a song in your heart!