Fifth Grade

This Week:

Scientific Method Test

Then...Forces and Motion!

Important Dates:

Second Six Weeks Ends: Nov. 2

Third Six Weeks Begins: Nov. 5

Important Vocabulary for Scientific Method

Scientific Method Evaluate

Observation Analyze

Problem/Question Reliable

Hypothesis Trials

Materials Repeated Trials

Variable Data





The student must be able to:

  • describe, plan, and implement experimental investigations testing one variable;
  • ask well-defined, formulate testable hypotheses...;
  • demonstrate that repeated investigations may increase the reliability of results;
  • communicate valid conclusions in both written and verbal forms;
  • construct appropriate simple graphs, tables, maps, and charts using technology...
  • design a simple experimental investigation that tests the effect of force on an object.
5th Science Team Nov

Important Vocabulary for the Matter Unit:

  • Properties
    • Matter
    • Mass
    • Volume
    • Density
    • Relative Density
    • Physical state
      • Evaporation
      • Condensation
      • Melt
      • Freeze
      • Boiling Point
      • Freezing Point
    • Magnetism
    • Conductivity
      • Insulator
      • Conductor
  • Solubility
    • Mixture
    • Solution
    • Dissolve
  • Tools
    • Triple Beam Balance
    • Graduated Cylinder
    • Beaker
    • Celsius Thermometer
    • Magnet

  • Units for Measuring
    • Gram
    • Liter
    • Milliliter
    • Cubic Centimeter
    • Degrees Celsius

  • Other
    • Classify
    • Increase
    • Decrease

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