LC Grade 5 ELA


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Rubric per Quarter

A+ = 300+ pages / B = 250-299 pages / C = 200-249 pages / D = 100-199 pages / F = 0-99 pages (0%, no credit earned)


  1. Independent Reading Grade = 10% of ELA grade each quarter.

  2. Bring a book every day for class.

  3. If students choose to quit reading a book, none of the completed pages will count towards the grade. Students must be able to summarize verbally and answer questions from each book completed.

  4. Pages can be accumulated through multiple books. Two books, each 150 pages in length, earns an A+ grade.


  • Establish a way to find books right away. Whether this includes visits to the library, a store, or working with other friends to share books - find an easy routine. This is a part of reading homework.

  • Remember, classroom libraries are not always a reliable resource. There is very little money to keep them current and the classroom has limited storage space available for books.

  • Encourage goal setting to discourage procrastination. Use the optional book log to help monitor progress.


Books must be approved for credit. Books beyond or behind 5th grade level may be adjusted for credit/pages earned. Please understand the adjustments will only apply to a few students.

EXAMPLE A: a challenging 200-page book with really small font might count the same as 300 pages.

EXAMPLE B: a book that is well below 5th grade level for a student that is capable of reading 5th grade level may count as less. Large font with lots of pictures may qualify as fewer pages. This will be determined ahead of time for students and they will have some say in this discussion.

EXAMPLE C: for students that SIGNIFICANTLY struggle, books at their level will be encouraged with adjusted expectations for pages required.

If a student is reading a book longer than 300 pages, it does NOT have to be completed in 1 quarter. The amount of pages completed will be evaluated for that quarter.

Guided Reading Start: An Option for All Students to Earn Pages Together

Join us for an optional class book that will count towards your Independent Reading Grade!

  • Gain 165 pages towards your quarterly grade!

  • Teacher reads first chapter plus at least 3 more with you - those pages still count for credit.

  • Schedule & Goals provided.

  • Quick discussion checks as individuals or a small group with the teacher.

Goblin Read-Aloud Outline
Book Log 2020-21

Goblins in the Castle
by Bruce Coville

165 pages credit

Literary Elements

Literary Devices

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