Welcome to the 2nd/3rd Grade Class Page!

My name is Colleen Truesdell, (AKA Miss T.), and I am the second/third grade teacher. Our academic program provides our students with challenging and rewarding learning experiences that are embedded in an environment full of love for our Lord and Savior. We learn and grow in our faith as a school family through daily religion lessons, devotionals and prayer. A chapel once a week allows us to worship once a week as a school family. Respect for ourselves as well as others, being prepared to learn, taking responsibility, and building organizational skills are an integral part of our Christian and academic foundation.

Our core curriculum includes handwriting, math, reading, grammar, spelling, social studies, science, religion, and writing. The students also attend a music class and have physical education classes with Paul Anderson, AKA Coach, twice a week. The 2nd/3rd grade curriculum provides many fun, yet educational activities such as; participating in science experiments, creating maps, and building colonial villages in social studies. Students will complete project based book reports as they explore the different genres in literature. Part of our religion program includes building leadership skills and witnessing when the children lead the rest of the school in an all school chapel twice a year.

To round out the second/third grade program, field trips will serve to reinforce in class learning. These are just a few of the wonderful learning experiences that await our students here at Victory.