Students need Tech Support? Email or stop by the library tech office.

Need help with Canvas? Click the help icon within Canvas and file a help ticket. The help ticket goes to the district’s Canvas administrator.

Accessing Student Technology Accounts

Student Accounts - Technology accounts have been created for all students. Personalized communications were sent in August with instructions on how to access these accounts. Instructions are also below.

Google Workspace for Education

Start by going to the District password change portal. Once you have enrolled on the site, you can reset your default Google and wifi password to a more secure one Complete instructions are located here.

Your Google student login name will be in the following format:

<First three letters of Last Name><First Name Initial><Last 4 digits of Student ID>

For example: Diana Prince Student ID 123456 has the email address

If your last name is three or fewer characters, use your entire last name.

You are responsible for any unauthorized use of your account. Passwords can be reset by using the Password Portal or visiting the tech office


All students and staff have an account in Canvas. Students and staff can access Canvas by logging in with their District Google account here: or by clicking the icon in their Google Apps waffle.


Start by going to the District password change portal. Once you have enrolled on the site, you can reset your default wifi and Google password to a more secure one. The password portal changes both your wifi and your Google password. Complete instructions are located here.

Trouble joining your phone? Try this tutorial. Google Pixel phones - if you have connection issues, please email for individual help.

Your username for school wifi is the part of your email address BEFORE

For example: Diana Prince Student ID 123456 has the wifi user name of prid3456

Students should connect to the lgswifi SSID on their cellphones/devices/laptops.

Drop by Tech Services located in your school library if your personal device won't connect to LGSWifi.

Your wifi password expires once a year.

Aeries Access

Students: After you have successfully logged in to your District Gmail account, go to click the Forgot Password link and follow the prompts. Enter your District email address in the box and click Next. The system will send a reset password link to your District email. If you do not see the message in your inbox, check your spam folder. It may take up to an hour for the message to be delivered. Open the message and click the link to set a password.

Parents: You should have received a new account email when you enrolled your student. It most likely is in your spam or junk mail folder. If you do not see the new account email, go to , click the Forgot Password link and enter your email address in the form. The system will send you a reset password email. It may take up to an hour to be delivered - be sure to check your spam or junk mail folder. If you receive an error message indicating that your email address is not in the system, or would like an Aeries account to access your student’s information, please contact your school’s office for assistance.


Initial access and passwords are assigned to freshmen when you meet with your counselors.

TurnItIn Similarity Check - Google Add-on

TurnitIn Draft Coach has been added to our Google account. Turnitin Draft Coach provides students with the ability to use Turnitin’s similarity tools in Google Docs helping them work towards the final draft of their assignment before they submit the work to their teachers. Students can submit an assignment up to three times to check their originality scores. Student instructions are here.

Device and Hardware Support

Do you need a Chromebook? Per public school policy, we are able to assist families for whom the purchase of this educational tool may pose a hardship. Students needing a district-issued Chromebook should complete this form.

Tech staff will contact you to set-up a pick-up time. Please fill out the Student Equipment Checkout, print out the completed document and bring it with you. A Chromebook and charger will be provided to you at the time of pick-up.

Do you have internet connectivity issues? The topography of our area and inconsistency in service providers is causing network issues for some households. The district is continuing to research ways to support these needs and we are continuing to gather information on how to best proceed.

While we cannot necessarily troubleshoot home networks, here is some additional information that may help:

Tech Best Practices

  • Never allow a browser to save or store your password to email, Aeries, etc.

  • Do a practice run before presenting electronic material in class

  • Check if our content filter allows your site before presenting it in class

  • Save and backup your documents often

  • Log out of your email, Aeries, Naviance, and other accounts when finished

  • Do not back up your devices to your district Google account. We can see all of your DIstrict files


Graduating Students

Use Google Take-out when you graduate from our district to transfer your data to a personal account.

District tech staff sends an email out every April with a timeline and instructions on how to save Google Drive contents. Accounts will remain active through June 30 of the year you graduate. After that date, accounts, including email and drive will be disabled. Accounts will not be completely deleted for one year. Desperate students can contact to retrieve any information they need after June 30.

Direct link to transfer your account to another Google account

Direct link to download your Google account data

Students attempting to use Google Takeout Transfer may get the message "Transfer Your Content is only available to authorized G Suite for Education Accounts. Please contact your administrator, or sign in with another Google Account".

This happens when the student is logged into their personal Gmail account and then opens a new tab and logs into their student account in the same Chrome web browser instance.

To start a transfer in Google Takeout, the student must be logged into Google Accounts in separate Chrome instances or login to your personal Gmail account using Google Chrome and then use a different web browser like Mozilla Firefox to login to your school account. Using two different web browsers keeps logins in separate instances because they are in a different application.