Adobe Creative Cloud

Digital skills, the ability to solve complex problems through critical thinking and creativity, are going to play a huge role in your students’ future success. That's why LGfL is partnering with Adobe to provide creative problem-solving technology to schools.

LGfL provides Adobe Creative Cloud Named User licences for LGfL broadband subscribing schools (up to 30 licences for Primary and SEND Schools and up to 120 licences for Secondary Schools).

Additionally, schools can access an unlimited number of Adobe Creative Cloud Express for Education licences at no additional cost.

Non-LGfL Broadband Schools can also purchase Adobe Creative Cloud Licences from LGfL.

For support relating to an existing LGfL Adobe Console, please email:

Introduction to Adobe Creative Cloud

We are all digital story tellers!

With Adobe Creative Cloud Express for Education and Adobe Creative Cloud you can support your students on creative journeys that take them through their primary and secondary education and beyond widening their future careers choices and developing key creative problem-solving skills. These have been identified as critical for equipping the next generation for jobs that might not exist yet.

We believe creativity has a home in every subject and every discipline, and every classroom with a wide range of learning activities. Creative students become creative adults, and creative adults can help move the world positively forward.

Introduce creativity into classroom with Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Adobe Creative Cloud for Education makes it fast and easy for students and teachers to turn ideas into beautiful graphics, web stories, and video presentations with free apps accessible from anywhere and on any device with a web browser.

Make engaging videos in minutes. Creative Cloud for Education, Video lets you quickly combine video clips, photos, icons, and voiceover narration to create compelling visual essays, presentations, lessons, and more.

Web stories. Transform words, photos, and videos into dynamic web stories with Creative Cloud for Education Page. Put a creative twist on anything—a report, research paper, field trip journal, and more.

Beautiful graphics. Adobe Creative Cloud for Education Post lets you turn your text and photos into great-looking, attention-getting graphics such as posters, cover pages, or revision cards.

Master the digital skills with Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud gives you and your students access to a comprehensive set of the world’s best creative desktop apps including Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC and Premiere Pro CC, so they can create and communicate anything they can imagine, right up to industry standard, helping give them an additional skillset sought after in the modern-day workplace.

All of the Adobe Creative Cloud Apps that you and students can use with LGfL