Our involvement in this programme has convinced us that many schools would benefit from more support for the migration to the Cloud and Remote Learning.

This is why we are creating an entirely new service in LGfL called CloudSquad that will work alongside schools, IT technicians, external support companies and major global companies to help schools maximise the opportunity of the Cloud and Remote Learning.

Teachers, Staff and Students flying through Cloud to support their Remote learning and teaching

The focus of the new LGfL CloudSquad service will be to:-

  • To help schools plan for the Cloud and the migration from on premise solutions.

  • To work in partnership with technicians, third party support organisations and other partners to ensure cloud transition is pain free.

  • To share best practices and learning from those already in the Cloud.

  • To create and sustain a network of brilliant advocates and Digital Leaders to support schools, MATs and Local Authorities.

  • To provide CPD opportunities on Cloud technologies, including Webinars and other events.

LGfL CLOUDSQUAD will collaborate with world-leading digital organisations including Google, Microsoft and Apple. This team will be setup over the summer so it will be in place for the Autumn Term and in a position to support you.

In the meantime, if you have any questions then please contact