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10/11/2021 - Anti-Bullying Week 2021: NEW Posters to help Challenge Peer-on-Peer Abuse

18/10/2021 - How do you teach pupils not to get 'Undressed' online?

06/10/2021 - NEW Safeguarding cpd on Incels now live

10/09/2021 - Anti-Bullying Week 2021: NEW Posters to help Challenge Peer-on-Peer Abuse

6/10/2021 - New safeguarding CPD on Incels live now

20/09/2021 - Going too Far - Extremism and the Law - new resource for safeguarding, Prevent and critical thinking

02/09/2021 - Welcome back Part 2 - KCSIE translations, updated policy templates and new parent resource, plus training for the year ahead

31/08/2021 - Welcome back Part 1 - Incels training, Meet the MASH and G Suite/YouTube settings

21/07/2021 - Updated AUPs, Online Safety Policy templates and posters live now

30/06/2021 - Meet the Mash' live Q & A and key takeaways from Ofsted review of sexual abuse in schools

09/06/2021 - Poster to encourage disclosures, 'meet the safeguarding team' editable poster & new KS2 security game

24/05/2021 - New 'Be Internet Citizens' training and Digital Passport for foster families

04/05/2021 - Changes to Ofsted inspections for safeguarding & filtering CPD shorts for DSLs

20/04/2021 - New safeguarding portal for parents & cybersecurity alert

08/03/2021 - Enabling safeguarding disclosures post lockdown

02/02/2021 - Safer Internet Day - Digisafe Digest

18/01/2021 - New sexting resource, videos for parents and safer internet day activities

05/01/2021 - Safeguarding during remote learning lockdowns

04/12/2020 - Invite Parents/Carers to our December Dropins to help kee their children safe

24/11/2020 - Remote learning, Facebook Live for parents and Christmas & new Prevent resource

01/11/2020 - Anti-bullying week

20/10/2020 - 5-minute safeguarding CPD videos for all-staff: Spotlight on Safeguarding

15/09/2020 - New safeguarding resources; training autumn programme live now