Executive Function Starter Pack

Initial Assessment Lunch Check-ins

Executive Function Tutoring

The Lake Forest High School, executive function tutoring program uses a two-tiered approach. Both tiers are organized into six week sessions. All students will receive initial instruction on academic organization. Some students will make a quick, weekly check-in, to make sure they are keeping their materials organized. Other students will attend hour-long sessions, once a week.

All new EF students take the initial assessment, providing data on their academics, organizational skills, and study habits. Both EF tiers will use a weekly check-in form to monitor progress. After 6 weeks, the students and their tutors will complete 6 week assessment forms which will help determine whether or not the student will continue for another 6 weeks.

Executive Function Tutoring Timeline

Initial Assessment After School tutoring

Weekly Organizational Check-in Form

Full Session After School Tutoring, Weekly Check-In Form

6-Week Organizational Check-in, Self-Assessment

6-Week Tutoring, Self-Assessment

6-Week Teacher Recommendation Organizational Check-in

6-Week Teacher Recommendation Tutoring Sessions