Gilbern Cars

A Welsh Dream!

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Croeso! Thank you for visiting our website!

We have created this site to showcase some of our work from our local history project all about Gilbern Cars. Hopefully by browsing through our pages you will learn more about the history of the only car every to be produced in Wales! You will also get to see some of the fun things we have done during this project. Enjoy...

This slideshow and the video below shows some of our pupils visiting the blue plaque which marks the place where the first ever Gilbern Car was produced. Back in 1959 this wasn't a bank, this was a butchers shop which belonged to Giles Smith's father. Giles and Bernard used the rooms downstairs to build the first ever Gilbern car - the GT. Click on the slide below to start the slideshow which will open in a new window.

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Giles Smith and Bernard Friese the founders of Gilbern cars with the uncompleted prototype of the Gilbern GT behind the Smith family butchers shop 1959

Llanilltud Faerdref pupils standing on the same spot which is now Lloyds bank car-park 2018

The red marker below shows the location of Lloyds bank in Church Village.