Weekly Newsletter

Homework this Week:

*I do not make a new homework for students who misplace their homework packet mid-way through the week. Please keep your homework packet in a safe spot throughout the week!

Everyday Math "Home Link":

  • Due each morning Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
  • We do not have homework on the night of a unit math test.
  • One math worksheet per night (usually 4-6 math problems)

Multiplication Fact Sheet:

  • Due Friday morning of each week
  • Each week your student will have a multiplication page to fill out. The facts are written into their charts on Monday morning and may be worked on throughout the week.


  • Students should read for 20 minutes per night to see necessary improvement throughout the school year.
  • Book reports need to be turned in once your chapter book is completed in order to meet your chapter book goal!

The Learning Pit:

This Week's Newsletter:

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