I have the privilege to be teaching Physical Education this year. I have taught p.e. for over 14 years for students ages 5 to 18. I am also a Level 1 and CrossFit Kids Certified Trainer. I will be teaching the basics of several different sports, health, basic anatomy and physiology, incorporating CrossFit, as well as using a program called S.P.A.R.K., in which we will get plenty of exercise while at the same time having a whole lot of fun. My mission is to create lifelong healthy learning and activity in students.

The P.E. grade will be determined by skills testing (State Standards based assessments, written assessments on knowledge of rules for different sports, mile times, pacer running, and health related fitness goals), participation and effort (dressing for class correctly, trying their best, and willingness to participate). We will be having a separate grade for citizenship on the report card that will reflect their sportsmanship and character during class. Please see the attached syllabus for specific grading.

Please make sure that your student comes ready for P.E. Students must wear ATHLETIC tennis shoes on P.E. days and their hair pulled back out of their face. In order to ensure the safety of our students, we require them to wear good running shoes on these days. NO boots, slip-ons, or shoes with heels! Points will be deducted for students not being prepared.

I look forward to having a great year. I will do my best to teach them everything they need to know about the different sports and exercises to instill a foundation for lifelong fitness and wellness. Please let me know if there are any health concerns I need to know about. I will excuse a student from participation for up to a week if they bring a note from their parents, but only a doctor’s note will excuse a student from multiple days of P.E. Thank you for encouraging your students to try hard in everything, do their best and have great attitudes. CHARACTER COUNTS!