Little Falls Drama Club Advertisements

Thank you for choosing to advertise with The Little Falls Drama Club! Your contribution helps to fund all aspects of the production and keeps the program running year after year! Your ad will be seen by our show patrons during a pre-show slideshow, as well as being printed in our program.

If you do not wish to place an ad, but wish to support the club by becoming a "patron" of the club, you can submit a donation.

You may submit you ad using Step 1 below and you can also submit payment for your ad through PayPal using Step 2 below. If you prefer to pay by check, please mail a check made out to Little Falls Drama Club to:

Attn: Amy Osborne

Benton Hall Academy

One Ward Square

Little Falls, NY 13365

If you have any questions or need assistance, please email the assistant director at:

Step 1: Submit your ad

Parameters for ad submissions:

Option 1: Submit a complete and finished ad (with your own pictures, formatting and text).

Option 2: Submit business card and/or text you would like included and we will design your ad

Option 3: Indicate that you would like to use the same ad from last year's musical program.

Ad Size Dimensions

Quarter Page: 1020 x 1558 px

Half Page: 2120 x 1548 px

Full Page: 2120 x 3176 px

Step 2: Pay for your ad