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I started teaching high school in 1997 at Orangeburg Wilkinson High School. I previously taught at Southern Illinois University and Texas Tech University (while in graduate school). I was hired at Irmo High School in 1998 by Mr. Gerald Witt. While at Irmo, I taught Latin I, II, III, IV, AP/IB, Mythology, English, APEX (credit recovery), and Philosophy (HL, with the International Baccalaureate program). For approximately six years, I taught in the AES (Alternative Educational Setting) program after school. In that program I taught math, history, science, and English. For two years I taught Work Keys at Kirkland Correctional Facility. My primary certification areas are Social Studies, Latin, and Youth Entrepreneurship (through YES Carolina); my graduate degree is in Political Science. I coached Irmo Middle School (C Team) football from 1999-2015. I am presently the head football coach at Chapin Middle School.


Period 1A/1B- Planning

Period 2A- Leadership

Period 2B- Academic Enrichment

Period 3A/3B- Academic Enrichment

Period 4A/4B- Lunch/Recess

Period 5A- Leadership

Period 5B- Academic Enrichment

Period 6A- Leadership

Period 6B- Academic Enrichment