Meet Dr. Hadwin

Social Studies Overview

Welcome to World History! We are going to be quickly traveling through time from the Earliest Civilizations to Modern Times! This will take us across the globe through new settlements, governments, explorations, world religions, and wars.

About me

A little about me. I grew up in Texas ( Go Longhorns!) and Philadelphia (Eeeeaggles)! I journeyed to SC where I received my Bachelors and Masters from Clemson University! (I am orange through and through). I also received my Doctorate from USC- and pull for both as long as they are not playing each other.

I am married to Jeff and we have 4 children (adults) Thorne, Megan, Gisele and Saint and 3 grandchildren (Layla, Lilly, and Brighton). I love our family time as we spend most of it playing games in the yard and laughing.

I have had the fortune of traveling and living around the world. I will bring my experiences to you through entertaining stories.

When I am not teaching, I love running ( fast walking as Saint says), reading, gardening, watching G play golf, playing Uno with the grandgirls, my 4 dogs and cat (who thinks she is a dog), chickens, and going to the beach with my family.