Dutch Fork Boys Lacrosse

Parent / Player Notes:

Home Games

Players are expected to attend all home games. For those who are not playing they will be required to bring helmets and sticks as they may be needed to shag balls during both games. Typically, all players are fed as a team before home games. Start times vary, Coach will inform players of when they will need to arrive

Away Games

All players who have been selected to the roster must ride the bus to and from the game. Unlike home games, space is limited on the bus for away games. While varsity roster is set, JV will pull a few players from the developmental team to suit up for that game. If a player did not make the roster, he is not required to attend. However, attendance is encouraged.

What to bring to away games?

Players are fed on the bus, however, bringing cash just in case the team stops on the way home is highly suggested.

Players can bring headphones, phones, portable chargers, etc, however, players are responsible for their own items as they will be left on the bus during games.

Please be prepared especially for those who are in middle school some games get home late, and sometimes busses break down.

Once again, welcome to the 2019 Dutch Fork Lacrosse Season, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any of the board members. See you in the stands!!!