D5 Distance Learning

What is Distance Learning in D5?

District 5 has developed a plan for distance learning days to provide students with assignments for lost instructional time due to school closures. This plan allows students to complete standards-based assignments from home while school is not in session. While we cannot replace the value of the teacher-student interaction in the classroom we are working to provide resources and activities that will help students remain engaged in learning while schools are closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a distance learning day?

On distance learning days, students do not report to school. Students will be given assignments designed to be completed independently.

How and when will students and parents know if an distance learning day has been initiated?

School cancellations and the announcement of distance learning days will be shared through district/school websites, social media, ParentLink and local media outlets.

How much school work will students be required to accomplish?

  • The goal is not to overload students with work but to provide practice and learning activities related to their grade level/course standards.

How will students contact teachers with questions?

  • Teachers will be available via Google Classroom private/class comments on distance learning days to respond to questions, provide feedback, and clarification regarding distance learning assignments.