Homework and Announcements

Weekly Homework Calendar:

Week of Monday, September 16th:

  • For Wednesday, September 18 - Finish vocab card for mass
  • For Thursday, September 19 - Finish vocab card for length
  • For Friday, September 20 - Finish vocab cards for time and speed
  • For Monday, September 23 - Time vs. Distance graph and analysis questions due

Week of Monday, September 9th:

  • For Wednesday, September 11 - Bring 20 index cards to class
  • Due by Wednesday, September 11- Webquest
  • For Thursday, September 12 - Accuracy and precision video and note cards
  • For Friday, September 13 - Finish Precision and Accuracy Reflection Questions

Week of Monday, September 2nd:

  • No homework assigned Tuesday, September 3rd
  • Due by Monday, September 9th - Classroom Norms Good Idea / Bad Idea. Click here for the directions and notebook set up examples.
  • Bring a silent reading book or quiet work to class on Friday, September 6th.
  • Due by Wednesday, September 11- Webquest

Week of Monday, August 26th

  • Due on September 3rd:
    • Finish Classroom Expectations survey and get it signed.
    • Get supplies for class.
    • Finish the All About Me activity and bring in a picture.

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