Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Walkers & Cyclists:

We encourage our students who can walk and bike to school to do so! Bike racks are located in the front and rear of the school.

In the interest of safety:

  • Once on the sidewalk, students should walk their bikes to the bike rack.

  • Students may not use skateboards, scooters, etc. on school property.

General Information - Student Drop-off:

  • Students can arrive and dismiss from both sides of the building

  • School starts at 8:00 am. We let students into the building starting at 7:50 am

  • Buses start dropping off students at 7:40 am

  • Families can drop off their children between 7:40 am and 7:55 am. There are NOT enough spaces in our parking lots to accommodate parents wishing to escort their children into the building or stand with them until the building opens.

  • Family drivers should not arrive on campus prior to 7:40 am, as the buses will be queued up

    • Please be sure to arrive no later than 7:55 am

General Information - Student Pick-up:

  • School ends at 2:40

  • Buses pick up students between 2:40-2:50 pm.

  • Family drivers should not arrive on campus to pick up children until 2:50 pm so we can get buses loaded and on their way

FRONT (Hancock Street side) of the building:

  • Families can drop off and pick up students in the loop on the side of the building closest to Victory Garden Way.

  • Buses will use the driveway directly in front of the building. An attendant will signal drivers to leave after buses have left.

  • Cars may not come down our driveway between 2:30 - 2:50

  • ALL traffic coming on-site (cars and buses) will queue in one lane and there will be no passing.

BACK (SEDGE Road side) of the building.

  • Family cars drive through the parking lot and then line up along the driveway closest to the building.

  • Please pull all the way up in front of the cafeteria.

  • Cars need to yield to school buses coming up and down the driveway.

In the diagrams below:

  • Family car routes are shown in BLUE.

    • If you are driving, please pull all the way forward in the drop-off and pick-up zones (shown in SHADED BLUE).

  • Bus routes are shown in YELLOW.

  • Van routes are shown in RED.

Front (Hancock Street)

Back (Sedge Road)