Midway Elementary

Distance Learning Experiences


First of all, thank you so much for being patient with us during these times as we set up what will be home distance learning experiences. This is new territory for us as an elementary school but we will certainly work through any problems we come across. This will serve as our homepage for daily distance learning experiences. Below you will find links to all grade levels that will have work for the upcoming days and tips on how to work from home. Thank you again for your understanding and if there are any questions, please don't hesitate to email your homeroom teacher. They will get back to you during their set "office" hours.

Please do note that you should not hand your child an entire package. Please focus on one day's lesson on one day or else they will be overwhelmed. There are tons of resources and I know many teachers are sharing even more. Set a schedule (may even use a timer) and remember that our teachers have students move during learning times. Use some of the PE Tabatas or www.GoNoodle.com. There are also School Counselor support materials as we all work together to reduce stress and anxiety.

Please let your teacher know if you need assistance with instructional materials, and your administrative team know if you have concerns or celebrations (803-821-0302). Stay safe and let your Mustangs know how much we miss them!

Jan Fickling, Principal of Midway Elementary

Getting Started

Set a schedule with your child. Students thrive on knowing what is expected at school and set schedules. You have the flexibility at home to set a schedule but stick with it. This way your child will know what the daily schedule is while also helping you as the parent with not having times when you don't know what to do.

Suggested daily calendar:

  • breakfast

  • morning academic time

  • morning play time

  • lunch

  • afternoon academic time

  • reading time (www.storylineonline.net)

  • afternoon play time

  • a chore or organization that need done

  • dinner

  • reading time

  • bedtime


ESOL Needs or Concerns: Contact Mrs. Roeder at kroeder@lexington1.net

Please contact your student's teacher if you have questions or need assistance. We are here for you!