Support Our Class

We are in need of snack donations for our class. We eat breakfast at 7:35 and do not get to each lunch until about 12:15 which makes for a long day without a snack. A small snack can help my students stay focus and have a boost of energy to make sure we can focus on learning and not a growling stomach. Ideas for snacks that have been approved by the district health regulations would be: goldfish, pretzels, Cheez-Its, Ritz cheese crackers, teddy grahams, fruit snacks, cereal, cereal bars, Pop-Tarts, etc. Please no peanuts or peanut butter due to allergies. The best way is to purchase the individual packaged snacks, such as the 100 calorie packs, so that it makes for a quick and easy snack time. Thank you so much for your consideration of helping my superheroes become successful this year!

Miss Vaughn's Amazon Wish List for the Classroom

Anything Superhero related is always welcomed and appreciated!