Project Au-Some

Project Au-Some is a collaborative effort of teachers and students at Harbison West dedicated to building relationships that promote acceptance of all students and abilities through hands on experiences. It is our mission to change minds by advocating kindness, empathy, and community; while having fun. Due to the success of Project Au-Some, Harbison West became the first elementary school in South Carolina to become a Special Olympics banner school! #BeTheChange

I am so excited to incorporate “Project Au-Some” for the fourth year with my class! Project Au-Some started five years ago at Harbison West as an effort to build empathy and understanding about all students at our school. My class will have the opportunity to volunteer their recess time (about once a month) to work with preschoolers with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Each of my students will have the opportunity to learn more about disabilities by working with preschool teacher, Diana Martin, and her students. The goal is that the Big Buddies (third graders) build lasting relationships with our Little Buddies (preschoolers) and truly spread the importance of acceptance and understanding throughout our school community. My class will also have the opportunity to listen to some amazing guest speakers. As a class, we will also participate in book studies that have characters with many different abilities that they will be learning about through Project Au-Some.

Check out our photos on our Twitter page @VaughnSquad and also check out the Project Au-Some page, @ProjectAusome.