Sansbury Weekly Planner

September 28-October 2


Tuesday- Quiz on PV, Rounding, Adding and subtracting decimals

  • Practice multiplication of multi digit numbers on khan academy

Wednesday- More multiplication of whole numbers (2 x 2 digit and 3 x 2 digit)

Thursday- Multiplying Decimals

Friday- More Multiplying Decimals

Multiplication Fact Timed Test- October 9th


Monday-Wednesday- Learn how to calculate Statistical Landmarks (mean, mode, median, range) to analyze data from experiment, practice identifying variables

Thursday- Review for Test

Friday- Science Process Skills Test

Study guide


September 21- 25

Please make sure your student is prepared each morning for learning by making sure they have their notebooks, and a pencil. Promptness is important to ensure they do not miss instructions.


We will be working on decimal place value, rounding and adding and subtracting decimals this week.

Virtual Instruction


  • Warm-up: Instructor paced Quizizz

  • Interactive Google slide reviewing decimal expanded notation and word form

  • Independent Practice: Khan Academy: Comparing Decimals Lesson


  • Rounding Decimals Lesson using interactive slides- please be sure your child has a white board and marker handy.

  • Independent Practice: Khan Academy: Rounding Decimals Lesson


  • Independent Assignments given: Rounding Decimal online games, google form (classwork grade)

Face to Face Instruction

Thursday and Friday- Adding and Subtracting Decimals- Lesson 2.4 in textbook


Monday- Qualitative and Quantitative observations

  • Google document Assignment

  • Minor Assignment Grade- Quizizz

Tuesday- Take notes on Identifying Variables in Science notebook (Science Inquiry Notes in google classroom)

Wednesday- Watch Videos and Identify Variables within experiments

Face to Face Instruction

Thursday and Friday- Candy Lab. Complete In class Lab report