Intro to Computer Experience

Hello Parents!

I’m excited to work with your child in the Computer Lab. The purpose of the Intro to Computer Experience course in 6th grade is to teach your child how to use technology as an educational tool. Students will have exposure to some of the useful Apps in the Google Drive Suite. Digital citizenship topics such as cyberbullying, digital safety and responsibility will be an ongoing conversation throughout our 9 weeks together. Lastly, students will have the opportunity to build a foundation of good keyboarding skills/habits. Students will get comfortable typing with more than just a few fingers...hooray! It is no secret that keyboarding is a big part of life as a student and is an essential skill in many workplaces.

The Computer Lab is a classroom and students will be expected to follow the same rules enforced in other classrooms. Most importantly students should:

    1. Stay seated (unless given permission to be out of his/her seat)
    2. Stay positive (improving typing speed and accuracy takes time)

Please take a moment to review the Syllabus, linked at the bottom of this page. If you have questions please feel free to contact me, email is best. Looking forward to a great school year.

← Click here to view Syllabus

Below is a short video my students watch at the beginning of our nine weeks together. It highlights the importance of proper posture at the computer. We discuss that although they are not yet working in an office they can start practicing some healthy habits if they find themselves sitting in front of a screen (phone, tablet, laptop, PC) often.