Doyle's Den

Consultation & Coordination

As your student’s school counselor, my goal is to encourage academic, social and emotional success while each student develops in relation to his/her abilities,  interests, and goals.  Consulting with guardians, staff members, and other school/,community agencies is a vital way to ensure that the needs of our students are being met.  I am available to assist in helping meet your student’s educational and/or social needs. 

One-on-One Check-In

Students may be referred for individual counseling by a guardian or staff member. The services provided will address the immediate needs and concerns of the student; in which all information exchanged is confidential. Many students deal with personal upset, and the counselor’s office is a designated place where they can be provided with the assistance that they need.

Small Group

In small group settings, students benefit from each other. Students fear less when they realize that others may have situations similar to their own. Teachers make referrals for groups and permission slips will be sent home for your student to participate.

 Topics may include but are not limited to:

Friendship Skills, Family Change (Separation/Divorce), Grief and Loss

Lex 2 Skills to Build

Lex 2 Skills to Build is a character education program promoted throughout the entire school and school district. It is taught once a month in every classroom in the building. During the time that I visit your child's classroom for classroom guidance, I teach them character traits that will encourage them to become efficient learners. Efficient learners are self-aware and self-regulating. They are continuously seeking ways to assess and modify their own thinking and behavior in order to find solutions and new perspectives. Together, your child and I will utilize our Social Emotional Learning (SEL) competency for the month when presented with a problem in which the answers are not immediately apparent.  The general idea behind the SEL Competency is that thinking and problem-solving becomes the core of your child’s endeavor.  We apply the skill with an activity that actively engages your child, so they are able to make a connection between the problem and the life skill being taught.

Areas to include:

Communication, Cooperation, Effort, Empathy, Growth Mindset, Honesty, Integrity, Respect for Others and Self, Responsibility, and Self-Discipline 

Meet Your Counselor


My name is Porscha Doyle, and I am excited to be your School Counselor! 

I am a native of Walterboro, South Carolina, and a graduate of Colleton County High School.  I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of South Carolina, where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a concentration in Education.  I went on to pursue a Master of Education degree from South Carolina State University in Counselor Education. I am currently enrolled at Liberty University as a doctoral student in the Counselor Education and Supervision program. This school year is my eleventh year as a School Counselor. I have one daughter. In my spare time, I like to relax, watch a good movie, and spend time with my family.  

I look forward to getting to know all of my students by name and beginning to build relationships.

Some of Ms. Doyle's Favorite Things: