MisterX IoT Kit

IoT Simulation Project

Goals of the project

This project is about getting started with IoT in SAP. This is a hands-on event with exercises designed to teach you the concepts of gathering, sending, and storing data in SAP environment. We'll build an end-to-end project gathering information from sensors, sending them over the internet and into SAP Cloud. Then, we'll build an SAP Fiori application to view the data. You will:

  • Learn what IoT is about
  • Learn the basics about IoT devices
  • Build your own device from off-the-shelf components
  • Write software in SAP to read sensors, store data, and consume it via SAP Fiori applications

Participants will have a chance to take home a limited number of devices for further learning and participation in IoT experiments managed by the LeverX IoT team.



Quick Start

Step 1: Connect MisterX to WiFi

The example below is for iPhone. The same steps for Android and Windows devices.

Step 2: Remove the cover and add water

Step 3: Connect MisterX to the moisture sensor

Step 4: Observe your dashboard readings

Collective Dashboard - displays collective data related to all devices, including ranking. Dashboard is located on LeverX SAP Server. User name and password can be found in your onboarding email. If you haven't received email, please send a request to iot@leverx.com

Ranking information from this dashboard will be used to select the happiest plant!

Click on the icon above to access the dashboard.

Individual Dashboard - displays data only related to the owner's device. Located in SAP Cloud under the device owner's trial accounts. User ID and password are located on a small tag on one of the legs of MisterX. You will need to find WEB IDE service in SAP Cloud and start it.

This dashboard is optional. The same information can be found in the Collective Dashboard.

Click on the icon above to access the dashboard.

Step 5: Register for our forum, post your updates and images

Follow this link to access the forum: https://leverx.discussion.community/categories

Step 6: Become a Winner

Owner of the happiest plant will receive a $100 gift card! We will provide final rules by 6/28/2017 7/6/2017.

Dates and Rules

1. To be eligible, participant needs to have their MisterX and onion plant to be on boarded by July 7.

2. The onion growing evaluation period will end on Aug. 15th.

3. The participant showing the best results (aka: the happiest onion), wins the Amazon gift card.

4. In case of a tie, the tallest onion wins (verified with a photo of the onion with a measuring stick or tape).

5. Images of the onion must be posted on the forum. https://leverx.discussion.community/

How to get the most optimal onion? There are four parameters that are used to calculate overall score:

  • Temperature: 68 degrees
  • Moisture: 45% moist
  • LUX (Light intensity): 1000 LUX
  • Activity: The more active (online/connected to the Internet) your MisterX is, the better your score will be.


Please direct your questions to iot@leverx.com