I learnt piano with Monsieur Daniel FRANCOIS at the age of 6 in my hometown, then started conservatory cello classes up till Diplom A with Monsieur Christian WOLFF and then switched to lyrical singing.

In 1999 I fell in love with brazilian music, went to Rio for a month, listened to all discs my brazilian family had.

In Japan I met Alisson Torreao whom shared all his mini discs with me for me to learn his favorite songs from Daniela MERCURY, Ivete SANGALO, Tom JOBIM, Noel ROSA, Falamansa, Rastapé, Chiclete com Banana etc...

I was so happy when listening to these treasures of brazilian music I wanted to learn why, what is at the roots?

I purchased this book, which is still a musical reference top me : LE SON DU BRESIL.

Many singers are my favorites (Clara NUNES in particular) and their own teachers & inspirers inspire me as well.

It took me a long time (20 years) to find the right singing teacher but I found BhavanaJi : https://www.bhavanapradyumna.net/

The guitarist I play with in Paris is Tiao do Brasil and in Lisbon is Paulo MUNIZ.

Tiao has had a long music career in Brazil, USA, then France.

Paulo is the absolute artist, I have no words.

I hope to bring them both around the world !

Musical background : piano, cello, lyrical singing, brazilian singing, afro-brazilian dancing