Before meeting BhavanaJi at the Jounée du Sanskrit in Maison de l'Inde, Paris, Cité Universitaire, I never ever had what I was looking for from a voice teacher. Whether it was teachers from conservatories (classical) or brazilian singers.

The carnatic vocal technique is unique on earth. And Bhavana's pedagogy, long family transmission in all arts was fundamental for me to unveil my voice and sing ... brazilian music ! I can never be thankful enough for this gift !

Tiao do Brazil & Paulo MUNIZ help me pronounce and encourage my journey on the Brazilian music coasts.

Namasté BahavanaJi,

Abençao Tiao do Brazil & Paul MUNIZ

If you wish to train your voice daily, that's the method you should use :

Voice Coaching

Your voice conveys your confidence.

Consciousness of your tone, your pace, the righteousness of the sound your whole body pronouces - not just your mouth - makes the difference.

Bhavana trains you with vocal preparation that you will keep for life, to better build confidence et security in many life situations.

LinkedIn Profile : https://fr.linkedin.com/in/bhavana-pradyumna-7ab7a6132

Her vocal coaching takes place in person near Michel-Ange Auteuil subway station in Paris and through WhatsApp worldwide.

She sets a regular progression program with you, please visit : https://www.bhavanapradyumna.net/classes

Voice work means daily rehearsal, and regular class over Skype, WhatsApp with her.

Her website is HERE.